Literary Reading Paper

The literary reading paper has been talked about in class since the beginning of the semester.  Many of you have attended a reading, some of you have yet to attend one.  I will post some more readings today but please find your way to a reading ASAP.  At the end of the semester I will not accept the excuse of not being able to attend a reading as you’ve been aware of this requirement since day one. That said, no one has turned in a Literary Reading Paper.  I asked that you hand these in at any time in the semester but if you’ll look to your syllabus you’ll see there is a final deadline of December 7th.  I encourage you to turn them in sooner than that so you’ll have an idea of where you stand in the class.


Literary Reading Paper

2-3 pgs

12 pnt font.

  • The focus of this paper is to explain why attending a reading is different than reading from a book.  There are obvious ways these two things are different and then there are other, less obvious ways.  Hearing how a writer reads their own work can help you better understand the work.  You might notice a writer emphasizes their words differently than you’d imagined etc.  The writer might read from old publications of which you’re unfamiliar or new unpublished work.  How might this shape your understanding of the writer/
  • Please describe the reading.  Where did it take place?  Was there a crowd?  Q & A?  A panel?  More than one reader?  And then, how did these details affect your experience?  Take me to the reading- tell me what you noticed and what you learned.
  • Tell me what was most interesting?  Where did the reading fall short?  Explain how it might have influenced your own writing.
  • Finally, connect all of this to class.  How does it play into things we’ve discussed and things we’ve read in Burroway?

Due:  In Class – December 7.


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