Flash Fiction and Other News

11/23 marks our first Flash Fiction workshop.  We will be reading and discussion Flash Fiction in class this week but we’ve already read some in Burroway.  “Incarcerations of Burned Children” David Foster Wallace is flash fiction.  As is the Alice Munroe story, “Prue” which we began in class on Friday.  I will be bringing in some more examples (as opposed to posting on the blog) Monday.

Keep in mind, on 11/23 you will need to bring in your Flash Fiction (no more than 1.5 pgs) for workshop and at that time you will also be bringing a copy to me.  This is separate from the short story (5-10 pgs ) that you’ll turn in 11/18.


Update:  As luck would have it NPR just announced the winner of their 3 minute story contest.  This is flash fiction at it’s finest.  Check it out:




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