Fiction Response Paper

I’ve recieved some questions regarding the upcoming papers.  I’m going to post a blog entry for each assignment.  Starting with the Fiction Response paper due Monday, November 21 – in class.

You will notice the Fiction Response Paper looks a lot like the Poetry Response paper.  Do notice the length difference.  I want you to pick a story either from the text or that we’ve discussed in class.  If you chose to study another story please get my permission via email or speak to me after class.

If you plan to rewrite the Poetry Response Paper it must be turned in with the Fiction Response paper on Nov. 21.

English 210-3 – Intro. To Creative Writing

Reading Response Paper- Fiction

2-4 pgs


Double spaced

12-point font

Quotes/citations pulled directly from text and story




  • Demonstrate that you can read like a writer.


  • Take a close look at what Burroway says about reading like a writer.  Not simply indicating “I like this” and “I don’t like this” but “This works because…” Tell me why the author has chosen the image, voice or setting they chose and which literary elements they used to support these choices.


  • Look at the particular elements of the story that seem most interesting to you.  Use the conversations we had in class if they seem especially pertinent but do flush them out more and take it further than what we discussed.    I’m not looking for a repetition of our class discussion but a deeper analysis of a poem.


  • Explain why the elements you chose to focus on were especially meaningful to you and how those techniques might translate into your own work.


  • Talk about the plot, the story, the characters.  Tell me how the characters are portrayed in the story- how does the writer deliver these characters to us.  Tell me about the title, about the setting the timing.

Due In Class Monday, November 21. 


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