Assignment Nov 9.

Paperhanger part 1

Paperhanger part. 2

Here is a short story by William Gay to be read for class November 9. (The PDF is split into two parts, you need to read and print both parts.)   Please, print the story and annotate it.  Underline areas you admire and leave a note as to why you like it.  For example:

His arms were smooth and brown and corded with muscle and in the light that fell upon the paper-hanger through stained-glass panels the doctor’s wife could see that they were lightly downed with fine golden hair.  (Gay, 1)

You might note how the description of the man also ties in some details of the house telling you the type of place where the story is set.   This costitutes as a close-reading of the story.  These are the types of readings you’ve done for the poems in the workshop and I’d like you to do for the stories in the upcoming fiction workshops.

As always, I’d like you to come to class with at least two prepared comments on this text.  Write them on a piece of paper so when I say, “What are your reactions to this story” every one of your hands should shoot up.  This will also faciliate an in-class discussion where you may disagree or agree with one of your classmates.  I will ask to see everyone’s prepared questions and annotated text at the end of class 11/9.






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